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Warmly celebrate the shandong xingda mining machinery co., LTD. Web site revision success!
Warmly celebrate the shandong xingda mining machinery co., LTD. Web site revision success!
Warmly celebrate our company get the roller tin ear mining products safety sign the certificate
The company officially changed its name to the shandong xingda mining machinery co., LTD
2011Years07Month,The company formally by qufu xingda mining machinery co., LTD. Was renamed the shandong xingda mining machinery co., LTD,The registered capital of above ten thousand yuan。
The state council on further strengthening the enterprise safety in production work
The provinces、Autonomous region、Municipalities directly under the central government,Various ministries and commissions under the state council、The directly affiliated institutions:  In recent years,The national production safety accidents dropped year by year,Safety production condition overall stability、Tend to be better,But the situation is still grim,Accident total quantity is still large,Illegal illegal production,Frequent major workplace accidents,To people's lives and property security caused heavy losses,Exposed some heavy light safety production、Safety management is weak、Main responsibility is not implemented,Some localities and departments such outstanding problems as safety regulation is not in place。In order to further strengthen production safety work,Improve the level of enterprise safety in production in an all-round way,Regarding the
Chile miners have27People Multiple factors create miracle rescues
Chile's first shaft miners Florence theo·Ava loos(FlorencioAvalos)Beijing time13Monday morning11Points10Around on special capsule to return to the ground,Successful rescue。At present,Take the first step on the rescue work success,Next will continue to serve in the mine,Save the rest32The trapped miners。  In addition10Month14Chile's SAN jose copper in (integrated media reported33Trapped miners rescue mission in Beijing time13Day。In the morning11Points10Points left and right sides,The first miners Florence theo·Ava on special capsule,Back to the success
The construction of infrastructure,The western engineering machinery market
The western economy is relatively backward,Under the influence of the relevant planning,The height of the infrastructure construction in west,The resulting boost to the construction machinery market will attract any engineering machinery manufacturer。With the development of the western region continue to promote and support of relevant national policies,The west is experiencing a rapid development period of history。In the west because of the rapid growth of infrastructure construction market,Is being more and more attention from engineering machinery enterprises。In the national key support of xinjiang as an example,The data show,“Five-year”During the period,Xinjiang region will spend each year1000For urban construction;Is expected1200Hundred million1500

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Shandong xingda mining machinery co., LTD(The original qufu xingda mining machinery co., LTD)Located in the world-famous Oriental holy city, and the birthplace of qufu Confucian culture,The east river bank Mongolia,West the water margin liangshan,Weishan lake in the south,North at five mountains mount tai。Convenient to major ports,The jining qufu airport highway50Kilometers,The traffic is very convenient。
Company is mainly engaged in series of mine design development manufacture and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment。Now mass production product:(A belt)Belt feeder、The air cannon、Coal dust inhibitor(The dust)、Hydraulic weighing sensor、Main shaft quantitative loading unloading and hoisting signal system、During operating system、The roller can ears、Main shaft loading unloading gas control(Hydraulic pressure)System、Cable vulcanizing machine、Cable pressure machine、Cable hot air dryer、Cable fault detector、Multi-function dust suppression,Have been in the industrial and mining enterprises all over the country.In order to widely used and got favorable comments from the masses of users。Mining and wharf presently used in China、Management、Fully shows the high quality equipment in production safety、Efficient、Real value of the civilization production,Fully embodies the profound meaning of science and technology is the first productive force。

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